HIS-Buster Cobalt Affinity Gel

HIS-Buster_Cobalt_Affinity_GelHIS-Buster Cobalt Affinity Gel is a highly selective affinity resin for the purification of Histidine-tagged recombinant proteins. Despite the fact that the immobilized Ni2+ ion is the de facto standard method for purifying His-tagged proteins, in some cases the immobilized Co2+ ion gives the best results. Both nickel and cobalt each have six coordination sites, however nickel exhibits higher affinity for the polyhistidine tags, especially at lower concentrations or when the tags aren’t fully exposed. Cobalt exhibits a weaker affinity than nickel, however this can result in a more pure product due to less non-specific binding, and the elution process in gentler on the protein. Pure protein can be obtained from a cell extract in a single purification step, using our HIS-Buster Cobalt Affinity Gel.



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